Lilah Burger was born on July 7th, 1999 in Los Angeles, California. At the age of five, Lilah began taking piano lessons, and she continued to do so until age ten. At age fifteen, Lilah released her first official song, "The Good Guy." Upon the day "The Good Guy" came out, Lilah released many other singles like jazzy-rebellious "Oh, Darling" and nostalgic "Flicker Back To You." 

   In June of 2017, Lilah's debut album 'Carnival' was released. Heavily influenced by Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" and Harley Quinn and The Joker's love affair in Suicide Squad, 'Carnival' tells a tale of heartbreak and recovery. The title track, "Carnival," speaks of a love like a puppet show. "My life at the time of creating this album was a carnival in itself. I was going through so much at once; it was quite overwhelming. That's when the inspiration kicked in," Lilah says. "She's Not Real" cries out feelings of abandonment, while "Know-It-All" talks of a judgmental friend. "Incorporating God into my music is very important to me," Lilah states. "Voicemail" stands as an eerie interlude heard through a telephone. "Call Me" expresses extreme frustration, while "Crush" is healing. The seventh and final track of the album, "The Feeling You Gave Me," reflects on a past love fling that failed, but gives a sense of hope for the time to come. "'Carnival' tells a story. There's an opening and a closing, like in a play. In the end, I found the good in my memories. I continue to grow from that."

   2018 was a fresh and happy start for Lilah. In the beginning of January, Lilah released “Wrote Your Name,” her eleventh single. Inspired by simplistic pop music, “Wrote Your Name” jumps the fence and uncovers secret, repressed feelings of sexual frustration towards a dreamy love interest. “I wanted to create a song that everyone could slightly relate to,” Lilah tells. “I reflected back on moments of intense lovesickness. [‘Wrote Your Name’] is something you can dance to in front of your bedroom mirror.” Hushed laughs and giggles are audibly heard in the background throughout the track. “I can finally say that I’ve written and released a happy song! It’s been a long time coming. I’m in a really good place.”


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